About Melany

Once upon a time, two little girls grew up hundreds of miles apart. They lived, they loved and especially, they read. Reading led them to finding each other and discovering a mutual love of writing.

We are two lucky people who have found a best friend and a wonderful writing partner online. We met writing fan-fiction and discovered a common bond in writing engaging characters. It wasn't long before we were branching off from each other's stories. We wrote together quite creatively, naturally, and sensually. We understood one another, we clicked.

Not only do we have a lot in common, we aren't afraid to criticize, guide and push each other. It seemed natural that we could take our association out of role-play and heat up the romance genre.

Melany Logen was born.

Our stories tend to delve into darker passions. If there is drama to be written, one of us is bound to create it, and the other one is as likely to add humor and lightheartedness to it.

Every now and then, we write a straight contemporary story. Who can resist a sexy man in uniform or a charming cowboy who tips his hat? But the paranormal fascinates us like nothing else. There is something inherently erotic about the creatures of night and the what-if's surrounding them.

We adore dominating alpha males who always want to be in control and who are passionate about protecting those they love. To us, the best thing about an alpha is when he is in love and no longer in control. He has lost that control to the lady who stole his heart. Of course, his heroine has to be an alpha in her own right too.

We hope you enjoy our characters and their struggles to control that dark, threatening side of themselves. They never stop demanding their lives to be told. We promise to deliver action, conflict, humor, mystery, and a happily-ever-after with as much hot, steamy, naughty sex as our characters want.

Melany Logen is a pen name of Mechele Armstrong and Melissa Combs.


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