Bold Bride

Bold Bride by Melany Logen ISBN: 9781596326491 (ebook)
Release Date: March 2008
Publisher: Loose Id
Cover Art: Marci Gass

After her father abandons her for the gold fields of California, Abby must find a husband to keep her safe from the bully who owns the small Texas town where she lives, and who wants to own her at any cost. But any prospective husband will have to let her go when her brother comes to take her back East, where she might find safety and her dreams of education fulfilled.

She's always been told her boldness will get her into trouble one day and it just might when, in desperation, she turns to Miguel for help. She has long admired him from afar, but worries he will not agree to her proposal. But he is honor-bound to keep her safe, and determined to keep his promises to her, come hell or high water. He will protect her from the man of her nightmares, and from the raging passion her innocent curiosity awakens in both of them.

As Abby and Miguel work together to strengthen their temporary marriage and to battle the forces conspiring to bring them down, Abby finds herself looking forward to leaving less and less. Will the temporary bride be bold enough to make it permanent?

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable.

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Reviews and Achievements

I loved every word of Bold Bride. I found the storyline intriguing and the love scenes sensuous enough to melt even the most frozen of hearts. Miguel is my type of hero—quiet, unassuming, but deadly when the need calls for it. His love and adoration of Abby was quite amazing, given the fact that marrying a Caucasian might have led to his death in the not so modern historical west. Abby’s fortitude to make Miguel as happy as possible during the course of their marriage was bold indeed—even I blushed. All in all, Bold Bride is a mighty fine historical romance—one that I will reread over and over.

—Talia Ricci, Joyfully Reviewed

Even though this is a sweet little romance, the sex scenes between Miguel and Abby are hot and as close to erotic as you can get. Melany Logen makes her characters feel very alive and three-dimensional, especially Miguel. Bold Bride was simply a nice read with satisfying moments of passion and love between a man and woman who have everything against them but ultimately make it work.

—Kate Garrabrant, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

5 Enchantments! This is a great story I totally enjoyed it! Melany Logen took a creative idea, a young woman's aloneness out on the prairie, and wove into the situation, a beautiful passionate love story, that leaves the reader with a warm tingly feeling, and a happily ever after. Great story, great read!

—Desiree, Enchanting Reviews

4 Hearts! This is a page-turner that kept I reading into the night to find out what would happen in the marriage. The story has a great background scenes and each character comes in 3D instead one dimensional like some other erotic stories that only want to write about exciting sex.

—Arianne, Night Owl Romance

4 Hearts! The writing team known as Melany Logen has done a good job of telling this dynamic story. The sensual scenes were gentle and almost comical because of the guidelines Abby had given him in the beginning. The book is entertaining and a good read. I recommend it as an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon or evening.

—Brenda Talley, The Romance Studio

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5! Author, Melany Logen brought small town Texas to life with BOLD BRIDE. It was easy to step into the shoes of Abby as she made the bold first step to the one man who could and would protect her. Her outspokenness and intelligence are apparent in all she does, particularly getting Miguel to accept pleasure. I had to laugh at some of the ploys she used and poor Miguel tried to be so noble and unselfish, yet surrendered to her ministrations time and again. He is definitely a hero I will remember for a very long time. The chemistry between these two remarkable characters is an easily recognized force; you pray they will work things out and stay together.

—Scarlet, Romance Junkies


"There's nothing more that can be done tonight." She took his hand. "I've got some water ready for you..."

Helpless to do anything else, he followed. In front of the porch, the old wooden tub had been half filled. A second glance her way told him she'd already bathed. His cock stirred.

"Go on, get in. I'll bathe you."

A shudder rippled through him at the promise of her hands, touching, caressing their way along his aching body. Allowing him for a while to forget the hardship of the day. Hot and tired, he didn't have to be told twice. He removed his boots and shucked his clothes.

By the time he stood in the water, his cock stuck out fully aroused.

Lowering himself into the tub, he groaned. The warm water sure beat a quick rinse in the watering hole.

As promised, she bathed him from head to foot. Every stroke of her hands brought him closer to coming. When her hand dipped below the water to grasp his cock, he closed his eyes. His cielito did the most thrilling things to him, for him. Sí, little heaven fit her perfectly.

Swallowing, he looked up to meet her gaze. But she wasn't his, and soon she'd be no more than a lingering memory. Then, once again, he'd return to simply existing. She made him feel and gave him purpose.

"Stand up for me." A frown marred her forehead. Though she looked as if she might say more, she remained silent after that brief order.

He stood and heated water rained down on his head.

"Let me get another..."

He remained standing while she rushed away.

Soon a second bucket dumped over his head. Miguel yelled at the coolness of the water.

Abby laughed, dropped the bucket, and brazen woman that she was, ran toward the house. Leaping forward, he caught her up in his arms on the porch. She gasped, her ass pressing back into his rigid cock.

A groan rumbled from his chest. "Woman, you did that on purpose."

"This, too." Abby wiggled back along his body.

He nuzzled the back of her neck, earning another gasp and squirm of her ass. His length pulsed. His balls tightened with undeniable need. "Your hair." Since the first time he'd met her, he'd wanted to see her in all of her glory with her hair down. The sight was the one thing he wanted to see before she left. "I beg you to take it down."

"Let's get inside."