Ingram's Charm

Ingram's Charm by Melany Logen ISBN: 9781596326248 (ebook)
Release Date: January 2008
Publisher: Loose Id
Cover Art: Anne Cain

When Gram gets another mouth to feed instead of cash as his payment, he's thinking it's going to be a very bad day. But when that mouth turns out to be attached to a gorgeous sex slave, who wants nothing more that to do his bidding and show him the joys of her undeniably perfect body, things start looking up. Pretty soon, he counts her as one of the crew of his starship Bruiser, who he feels he must protect. Only difference is, she's the only one of his mates sharing his bed and his shower.

What Gram doesn't know is that Charm's a spy. She's been sent by her old Master to infiltrate Gram's ship and cripple it, so he can take it over. It should be a simple job. It is a simple job. But for one thing. She finds herself caring for the crew of the Bruiser, and especially her temporary Master. Loyalties torn, she must decide whether to complete her mission or step out into the unfamiliar and become Ingram's lucky Charm.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Dubious consent, light domination.

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Reviews and Achievements

4 Hearts! Well-developed characters are the highlight of this scorching book. [...] Readers who prefer their futuristic romances on the steamy side will be delighted with this book.

—Jazlyn Johanssen, The Romance Studio

4 Angels! Ingram's Charm is a sexy and fun futuristic romp though space. There were parts of this book that made me laugh out loud.

—Heather, Fallen Angel Reviews

4 Nymphs! Ingram's Charm is a deceiving title and will keep you enjoying the exploits of Charm who learns the true meaning of friendship. [...] The ending is very explosive and does change your mind about everyone involved.

—Goddess Minx, Literary Nymphs


"Here's your payment." Reli shoved Charm with one meaty fist into the other man's arms.

He grunted as she landed against him, which was like landing against a rock wall. He made her feel small, which was not easy to do. She was as tall as most men, but his head hovered inches above hers.

The man's black eyes looked down at her, filling with confusion. "What the fuck are you doing, man?"

Inwardly, she cringed, but didn't dare show her anxiety. She disliked it when the new Master came for his payment and wound up with her instead. She rolled her shoulders back to steady herself. Reli always liked to play it that way, never letting her in on what to expect at these things. She put on her sweetest seductress expression. She'd learned it well from the House of 9000 Pleasures after much training and lots of time in punishment. If only she'd been younger, they'd said she would have learned faster, better. They did their best work on those they had from childhood.

"Squaring up with you, Ingram." Reli spat a generous amount of bacco juice into the can he always carried with him. Bacco exuded a stench that smelled of rotten fruit.

Her nose twitched as she ignored the desire to retch. After all this time, she should be used to the smell, but it always turned her stomach.

Ingram curled up a lip, pushing Charm a minute distance from him. It would have been more, but she grabbed his arm and hung on. He glanced down at the arm she clutched at, then muttered, "I thought we'd be paid in cartouche."

"I had intended to." Reli had promised to, as he always did to his marks, but never paid with anything except for her. "Couple of deals fell through. She's a Delicant, though." Reli tossed a scroll at him, which he caught in a tight fist. "Her papers. She'll bring you big money, on any market."

"I don't trade people." Ingram folded his arms across his wide chest.

Men always protested at first. Then, they'd back down and take her as payment without too much thought.

She continued to clutch his arm as though her hand was a vise.

Reli smirked. "It's all I have. Take her or don't get paid."

Ingram looked down at her again. Releasing him, she dropped to her knees in supplication before the man who would be her new Master. How many times had they done this ruse? The steps were always the same. But did they have to set this particular trade up on the dusty plains of Alcalazar? Her knees would be filthy with tan dirt, which stuck to everything as if it was backed with mechanic's putty.

A low baritone voice rumbled from the man standing behind Ingram. If Ingram was big, this man was huge, wide as a Zyberian pole cat and twice as hairy. "The crew won't like it if we don't get paid. Again."

Ingram drew in a large breath. "Fine."

She ducked her head down, going lower than before. It always happened like that. A short protest, then they accepted her so they could sell her and reap their profits. That fit right into Reli's plans.

"We can trade her at the next station."

Reli's grin showed his beige teeth. "Delicants bring in lots of cartouche. I almost hate to have to give her up myself. I had plans to collect a great deal on trade for her."

A lie. Charm rested on her knees. He made money on her over and over again. But the statement was one that would make Ingram, the Captain of the Bruiser, feel as if he was making a good deal. The words were designed to put him one up above Reli, even while Reli snuck around to stab his underbelly and take his ship. She was the distraction to help Reli get onboard. She glanced to the old shuttle craft behind the two men. If the Bruiser was as old as that thing, she didn't know why Reli was interested.

The big man's hand went to his sidearm, fingers near the trigger. "It's the deal you offered." Reli's men would be ready, too. She didn't even have to look back. This could get ugly. She lifted her head slightly, making sure she could see if firing started.

"And, he'll keep his word. Right Reli?" Ingram's hand went down, not to his weapon but close enough to his hip so he could draw it in a hurry.