Law's Deliverance

Law's Deliverance by Melany Logen ISBN: 9781596327405 (ebook)
Release Date: July 2008
Publisher: Loose Id
Cover Art: Anne Cain

Law's been urged to get a sex slave by many before he weds the "right" woman of royalty, but he's never thought about actually doing it. Until he sees Larissa sashay across the stage. She's angry, spunky, and beautiful. Before he knows what he's doing, he's bid on her. And won her.

Larissa's not happy to be won. She's not a sex slave and has no intention of doing what Law or anyone else wants. She soon comes to learn she's been bought by the Prince of Bergogia. Only being royalty has him in as many chains as a slave. With luck, a little hot, heady sex will win him over, and he'll let her go.

Larissa's plan backfires, and Law's more interested than ever. And so is she. But Law can't keep her forever on the side and she can't be his bride. Will Larissa be Law's downfall or his deliverance?

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, dubious consent, male/male sexual situations, strong violence.

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Eppie 2009 Finalist CAPA 2008 Nominee

2009 EPPIE finalist in the Science Fiction/Futuristic Erotic Romance category!

2008 CAPA nominee in the erotic fantasy romance category!

4.5 Hearts! What a wonderful, exciting story. It starts off with a bang and doesn't let up until the very end. The author immediately grabs the reader's attention with a strong heroine who is making the best of an awful situation. The hero is in the same boat, trying to become someone his family wants him to be. As the story progresses, we find Law and Larissa learning that only with true love can they be set free. The sexual tension was allowed to build and the scenes were written extremely sensually so that the reader enjoyed them just as much as Law and Larissa! I found myself laughing out loud at times and sighing at the intense and explicit love scenes between Law and Larissa. All together, this one is a great read.

—Lisa Freeman, The Romance Studio

Law's Deliverance is a timeless tale of forbidden love. [...] I like how the story plays out and especially Law's Deliverance's touching and romantic ending.

—Nannette, Joyfully Reviewed

4 Nymphs! Law's Deliverance is a touching love story of two people being freed from a life that they were both forced into. [...] Many times I was sure it was the end for Larissa and then Melany Logen surprised me with a new twist to the story. Every character makes sense and the ending is hot and hopeful.

—Amethyst Nymph, Literary Nymphs

4.25 Stars! I so didn't expect this to be a vampire story, although that is a sub plot. It definitely added a different dimension to this story which, successfully combined slavery, science fiction, politics, family workings, sibling rivalry, and bone deep friendship. I was fully engaged from the first chapter, and read this book rather quickly, unwilling to put it down. I look forward to more stories written by this talented author.

—Chris, Night Owl Romance


Law eyed him. "Going with me?"

"Of course. Someone has to watch your back." Rhyd crunched his body into a shape that would fit in the passenger seat. "And your front, too. Especially with you going after the hellcat."

"Not piloting?" Law clambered in.

"Hell, no. Not this time." Rhyd leaned back in the seat. "You'll do the flying. I need to make sure we bring in your wildcat without getting you killed. Me, I get banged up, no one will say too much. You, and they'd be calling for the hellion's head. If they aren't already."

"Her name is Larissa."

Rhyd shrugged. "Whatever. She'd be better off if you let her go. You know that, don't you?"

Law looked down at a blinking control. He pushed a button and pulled up the steering column. "The hell you say."

For a moment after he spoke, he considered Rhyd's words. It would be so easy to go back and say they hadn't found her. Some would look, but how hard would they? Especially if he didn't.

But something in him rebelled at the notion. Selfish bastard that he was, he wanted her still, no matter what the costs. Something lay unfinished between them. And maybe always would, but Law had to attempt to see whatever was between them through.

"They'll whip her. For what she did."

"That bastard touched her." Law's hands clenched until the knuckles were almost white. "She should've kicked him in the balls instead of only scratching up his face."

"You know as well as I do it doesn't matter what he did. She's a slave. And she struck a member of the royals."

It didn't make it right, but Law wouldn't say that. Instead, he surveyed the land that blurred in front of them. "Where would she go?"

Rhyd sighed at Law's change of subject. "As far away from you as she can get. She's probably heading for the other side of the kingdom near Glass country so she can escape through there. If we're going after her, that's where we should head."

Law turned the controls in that direction.

Rhyd frowned, but didn't say anything more. He had been giving Law one last chance to let her go.

Law told himself retrieving her was for her protection. A slave could get in so much trouble out there alone.

It was bullshit.

They flew low, scanning.

Rhyd pointed. "There she is."

"Thank goddess."

"Law." Rhyd spoke low, the sound rumbling deep in his chest. "She's trouble for you. You know that, too, don't you?"